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Building a Successful B2B Email Campaign [10 Things To Know]

B2B email campaigns are only as valuable as the leads they generate. No email can ever guarantee results with absolute certainty. But, by following best practices, you can drastically increase the success of any B2B email marketing campaign.  Here are 10 must-have...

5-Steps to Set a Data-Driven B2B Marketing Budget [2020 Edition]

Creating a B2B marketing budget is a serious endeavor. But, for some companies, a common strategy is to simply set their marketing budgets to be 10% of total revenue. In fact, a CMO survey in 2014 confirmed this, revealing that companies with less than $25 million in...

5 Key Ways B2B Manufacturing Marketing is Unique

The business of B2B manufacturing is rapidly changing. Decision-makers are getting younger and the appetite for convenience is at an all-time high. Manufacturing marketing is adapting to these changes. Here are six important things B2B manufacturing marketers must...

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