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Essential Online Tools for B2B Customer Feedback

by | Jun 19, 2019

How happy are your customers? Do you know? Are you measuring that? Because you should be.

B2B customer feedback is vital to B2B success. Research by Hubspot found that growing businesses are much more likely to prioritize customer satisfaction than those with declining revenue. Not to mention, closing sales with new clients is 5 to 25 times more expensive than maintaining current customers. Yet, many companies don’t adequately engage their current customers. This article explains many of the tools B2B managers should apply to gain useful customer insights and improve their B2B business.

Online Tools for B2B Customer Feedback

There are tons of online tools available for B2B customer feedback. The most common digital tools include review sites, chatbots, social media, and surveys. Each can be used in different ways to inform your B2B sales strategies and improve lead generation, production, quality, communication, and more.

Feedback on Review Sites

Online reviews aren’t just for deciding where to eat dinner or what new movie to see. Online reviews for B2B businesses are becoming increasingly popular. Today, they largely mirror their retail counterparts. In fact, in 2018 65% of buyers rated B2B software and service reviews as “very important” when making B2B buying decisions. More, 97% of B2B buyers say user-created content, like reviews, are more credible than other types of content.

You can track how your business is doing on software-review-sites like Capterra and G2 Crowd. Tools like VendOp or Clutch provide access to large B2B review communities. Unfortunately, there’s not a great place for manufacturing or industrial B2B reviews yet, so we suggest reaching out to sites that regularly list and rank B2B suppliers.

Want more specific feedback? Set up an effective online focus group and be sure to follow our focus group advice.

Comments on Social Media

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that social media is full of negative comments. Chances are your B2B business has been mentioned online already. Probably today. What you likely don’t know is that your buyers are spending substantially more time on social media than average users. In fact, the amount of time spent on Facebook by business decision makers each day is 74% higher than that of average users. So, it’s vital your B2B business uses Facebook to engage with followers, ask questions, and learn from current and future customers.

We suggest occasionally responding to negative reviews, and sharing the changes you make with your customers to let them know you’re listening to their concerns.

Digital Polling and Survey Tools

A tried-and-true method for gaining insights into your buyer’s journey is sending polls and surveys to customers. The Internet has made the process easier, more dynamic, and more intelligent than the pen-and-paper surveys of the past. Polls are an ideal way to increase customer engagement, which is critical to B2B growth. A 2016 Gallup poll found that B2B companies with high customer engagement scores achieve 50% higher revenue, 34% higher profitability, and 55% higher share of wallet. In short, having engaged customers is key to B2B business growth.

At Nichols, we suggest including automated asks for feedback in your customer relationship management (CRM) software that can be sent after a new or existing customer makes a purchase, whether online or in person. Check out tools like SurveyMonkey or one of the many other great options that can help your business gain insights into current and potential customers.

Chatbots on Your Website or Store

One of the fastest ways to get B2B customer feedback is to implement a chatbot on your website or online store. Chatbots are already making a huge impact on B2B sales, and they’re destined for long term results. There are few types of feedback more useful than your buyers’ thoughts and feelings at the point of sale, or while looking for information on your site. A chatbot can help track that feedback. You can then implement what you learned from the chatbot on your site to enhance the buyer’s journey for future and recurring B2B customers.

There are plenty of chatbot options available for your website or Facebook page. Be sure to find and compare what will work best for you.

Customer Satisfaction Software

Today, there are numerous software solutions to manage B2B company feedback. However, none can replace the brain of a real-life human employee. The process can’t be fully automated no matter what software you buy. Regardless of your specific needs, most customer satisfaction software share similar features. Common features include customer feedback at every stage, basic analytics, and complaint monitoring.

We recommend checking out industry leaders like Zendesk or Qualtrics to automate portions of your customer feedback and satisfaction strategy.

Deciding What Tools are Best for Your B2B Customer Feedback

Deciding what customer feedback tools will benefit your business and clients most can be difficult. At Nichols, we suggest utilizing tools that make the most sense for your industry, customers, and business model. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for every company. In fact, most companies will end up needing to hire experts to implement a useful customer feedback program. Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to utilize as much B2B customer feedback as possible.

If you need help generating or utilizing B2B customer feedback, don’t hesitate to send me an email at Barry@WeTellYourStory.com, or click the button below.

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